Introducing GreenPass

Join our battle against CoronaVirus by learning how contact tracing works and how we all can contribute to protect and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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Cyber Republic Malaysia 


Cyber Republic Malaysia 

CR Region Malaysia 

Currently we are a team of 4 specializing in different sectors, from manufacturing to accounting to software development to education. 

We are very passionate about Elastos and heavily involved in promoting and marketing Elastos to businesses in Malaysia. 

Elastos Apps

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What We Do For Elastos

We are constantly on the lookout for any businesses that are interested in advancing into IR4.0 particularly in blockchain technology. We strongly believe that adoption comes from users and with strong business ideas catering to needs of users, Elastos will thrive and be well known. 

Business Developments

Finding new businesses for collaboration opportunities. 


Organize meetups to introduce and promote Elastos and Cyber Republic to the Malaysian community. 

Online Engagements

To share all Elastos information and news to the community.